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Our Mission 

At ACE Corp 501(c) 3 non-profit, we deliver personalized and exceptional services to adults, children, and their families. Our aim is to support and guide every individual’s journey toward healing and growth, empowering them to take control of their lives while benefiting from the power of collaborative community-based care.

We support those experiencing financial difficulties, firmly committed to the belief that everyone deserves equal opportunities and access to high-quality care.

Our values

At ACE Wellness Corp, we have taken up the responsibility of bridging the gap and catering to the needs of our clients with utmost sincerity. With an array of programming, resources, and educational services at our disposal, we promise to extend a guiding hand to those in need. We strive to provide practical resources and therapeutic services that aim to enhance the quality of life for our clients and their loved ones. Let us take this journey of healing and wellness together and empower our community with the necessary tools to live a happy and fulfilling life.


Assuming responsibility for our choices and being forthcoming about our behavior is what accountability is all about. Ace Non-Profit Corp understands that it has a duty to utilize its assets wisely and efficiently to benefit our supporters, investors, and the neighborhoods we operate. We aim to foster a principled atmosphere that treats all stakeholders equitably and encourages open discourse. By upholding accountability, we can develop trust and leave a positive mark on society.


Courage is a critical virtue for ACE Non-Profit Corp. Our organization is dedicated to improving the lives of the less fortunate members of our community, it enables us to tackle the complex and pressing social issues facing our community with conviction, dedication, and passion. We believe that without courage, we would be unable to take the bold and often unpopular steps that are necessary to make meaningful change.


In our work at Ace Non-Profit Corp, we strive to create an environment that fosters growth, development, and enlightenment. Whether through workshops, seminars, or one-on-one coaching, we work with individuals to help them achieve greater clarity, focus, and understanding. Our ultimate goal is to help individuals reach their full potential and lead happy, fulfilling lives.

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As an organization, we aim to remain an unwavering cornerstone of support within our community and extend vital services to those who require them the most. We urge you to contribute to those in need, as we firmly believe that every individual should be afforded equal opportunities.

Thank you! We appreciate your generosity!

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Are you passionate about making a difference? Join the ACE Wellness Corp non-profit organization, where you can promote mental and physical health awareness and help those in need. Being a part of this organization allows you to network with like-minded individuals driven by a common goal.

Through various initiatives and programs, ACE Wellness Corp provides a platform for you to share your knowledge and experiences to impact your community. Together, we can strive towards creating a better world, one person at a time.

Join us today and join this fulfilling journey towards spreading mental and physical health awareness!

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Our non-profit organization has been dedicated to helping individuals and families needing mental and physical assistance. Through community programs such as Day Treatment, Individual and Family Therapy, and Group Counseling, we strive to provide a safe space for those seeking support. Our partnerships with other organizations have allowed us to offer additional resources like transportation services, food supplies, and community life skills classes.

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